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Split One Websites feature a long list of standard and optional features right out of the gate. All websites are custom designed to fit specific needs of your business or personal use. Our websites are fully-scalable and are developed from our highly efficient system of core functionality. This core functionality may be added to, or removed from, your website without affecting the on-line status of the website. There are no limits. If you can dream it, we can build it. Our websites, in effect, have the unique capability of growing with your business or personal need, thus promoting a cost-effective means for natural growth and increased functionality.

From a technical standpoint, S1 websites are developed to strict industry standards using Object Oriented Programming (OOP). At the core of a Split One website, the programming is developed in PHP and backed with a MySQL database. Because of our choice to follow industry standards, a Split One website will never have issues with browser compatibility or issues on various operating systems. Split One also incorporates a number of additional programming techniques and languages that are available upon request.


Search Engine Optimization & Internet Promotions


We'd be honored to work on your campaign. Your campaign must make you money. We understand that. We also understand what our capabilities are in achieving results for our clients. To date, we've accepted just 35% of the requests to work on internet promotions.

We boost sales. To date our track record of launching successful campaigns is over 85%. There are no guarantees in search engine marketing, but with those odds you'll like the return you get from your investment with us.

We're different. No two campaigns are exactly alike, and there are no cookie cutter processes here. We have 2 ways to help - we can train you or we can work with you. Either way, an experienced Split One marketing expert will be on hand to help set a successful, ROI focused strategy for online marketing success, and will ensure the right metrics are met to achieve that success.


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