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It is a dirty little secret in the Phoenix website development community that most people who call themselves website developers don't know the first thing about true web development. If you are reading this, then perhaps you are just a little smarter than that. Maybe they "learned" Wordpress, and maybe they can do a little html, even CSS, but when pressed, they admit there is a lot they can't do.

By comparison, we've built website systems that build other websites, automagically. Ok, it's not magic - it is a lot of code, copy and chew. The point is, we play on a different level and we can handle the rigours of your project.

You want to know what's worse than the fake Phoenix website developers out there? Those Phoenix SEO experts.

99% of people who call themselves search engine optimization professionals are regurgitating someone else's ideas about what good SEO practices even are, but they never bothered to check if what they heard or read actually works to get rankings in search engines. Too often we engage a new client only to discover their previous Phoenix SEO agency didn't do basic optimization best practices. And that's if you are lucky.

Maybe you found someone because they ranked for SEO services Phoenix AZ. So you assume they must know search engine optimization, right? Little did you know they are propping up those rankings with dubious linking tactics, and when a dreaded algorithm update happens, their site gets washed away to page 5, just like yours. By now, most every small business owner in the Valley has had a bad experience with a Phoenix internet marketing charlatan.

What Makes Split One Technologies A Top Phoenix SEO Company

We know when to optimize for the phrase Phoenix Website Development or Web Developer Phoenix AZ. We know fast sites improve rankings. We know the 3 best places to put a call to action to get people to call you. We know the power of a real press release that gets a story published by a real author with a by line trusted by Google. These are the pillars of a solid SEO strategy and these SEO tactics will still work 5 years from now.

We don't hide behind auto generated reports that claim to be improving your results when you know your phone isn't ringing from their efforts.

We care if we are making you money. If we make you money, you'll send us more clients, leave happy reviews, and you might even give us a raise when we ask. It's a win-win.

So if we work together on a project, we recommend you record your calls. And we will listen to these calls, so we can learn if they are sales calls, client calls, or actual prospects looking for your Phoenix Website Design services (or whatever line of work you do). Plus, we'll learn how you position your hypothetical Phoenix Web Design Company, and that will enable us to be better internet marketers for you Phoenix business owners.

We don't blindly accept whatever the SEO community is putting out there as the latest fad. We are not afraid to test new SEO tactics and ideas on our own site to ensure we are giving you the absolute best SEO service Phoenix has to offer. Here is an example of a test:

Other SEO companies in Phoenix will tell you what we just did there is terrible, horrible and awful. And we'll admit we are being a little heavy handed on the keyboard, right? But we want to see if this actually helps or hurts our rankings. After all, you are reading this now, aren't you? And you probably found us on Google. So could it be helping our rankings? Well, like we said, this is only a test. But give us a call and we'll tell you how the test is going. 480-621-6782.

Let me ask you, what other Phoenix SEO company goes to these lengths to ensure a productive search engine optimization campaign for you?

Why Split One Technologies Is The Best Phoenix Web Developer

Our Website Development Services Include: (But are not limited to)

Are you still reading? Good. Read a little more by checking out our reviews online. Ask us for our references. And as a thank you for reading all this, mention this section of our website and we'll help you out with some credit towards your first Adwords campaign with us.

One Last Thing

We've been serving the Valley since 2004, and we feel like we are the best kept secret in internet marketing in Phoenix AZ. So please do reach out. We want to give you the Best Phoenix Website Development or Top Phoenix SEO campaign you came to this site to find.

The Best Phoenix Website Software Developer (Steve)
& The Best Phoenix SEO consultant you've never heard of (Hernan)

We are Split One Technologies, and we look forward to meeting you.

Oh, and because we know you will ask us, the giraffe pictured below is named Mike. He is our mascot. He is a pretty good Phoenix internet marketer as well. Why a giraffe? Well, we just liked the picture. It makes us smile. And it looked good on mobile and desktop screens when we were doing our new web design. We hope you like it.


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Split One Technologies is a web-based software development company in the greater Phoenix area focused on website development, search engine optimization and internet marketing.

Our clients have built and run multiple successful internet enterprises, having appeared on several major television and radio programs (Oprah & Ellen included). What this means for you is we have a proven model for success no matter your business size. Everything is custom built for your specific needs.

We provide software. Our software platforms have the unique ability of being able to grow with your business. As your business needs grow and change, our system is flexible, thus will grow and change with you in a cost efficient manner. This is why Split One Technologies is a top website developer.

We provide promotion. Don't like your search engine ranking? We can help you get promoted in the rankings. Learn proper, search engine friendly, promotion techniques to boost your website. Or hire us to handle this for you. But we don't work in a black box either, all our search engine promotion clients are involved in their campaigns on some level.

We provide service. You will talk to a real person, we will meet your needs and we will cater a package that works for your business and budget. We do not outsource to offshore providers, your work will be handled by experienced professionals. Whether your business is in start up mode, or you have a seasoned business presence, call us today and experience the Split One difference.

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